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English: Map of Misamis Oriental showing the l...

English: Map of Misamis Oriental showing the location of Cagayan de Oro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lived in Cagayan de Oro City

Born on : September 24,1996

First of all, my motto in life is”No Pain,No Gain and there’s glory in Pain.This is one of my favorate verse that inspired me the most is Psalm 73:23”UNRAVELLING THE FUTURE WITH CONFIDENCE IN GOD” because nowadays our country is on extreme economic and political crisis and with confidence in God, the future of our country lies not in the states but in us referring to Filipino Youth .We should be instrumental in promoting and efficient leaders by contributing our shares in the varied work that keep alive the ideals and aspirations of our community.Let our dynamism be a light that continues to shine in our country and elsewhere in the world and also tell yourself to go on because”You’ll be one of the candles lighting a life and then pray “LORD, GIVE ME A DREAM THAT ALLOWS ME TO FLY AND THE FAITH TO PURSUE IT NO MATTER HOW HIGH”

My name is Ronnie James P. Casiňo, born in Libra Zodiac sign, September 24,1996 in the city called Golden Friendship, Cagayan De Oro City,Mindanao,Philippines.We live in a remote area, Barrio Baikingon, Cagayan De Oro City. I spend my time here for about 5 years and presently transferred to another remote area, Barrio Pagatpat also in Cagayan De Oro City.

My father is from Tagoloan Misamis Oriental, His name is Rufino Zamarro Casiňo , and my mother is from Baikingon, Cagayan de Oro City her name is Myrna Pabelic . I have one brother his name is Ralph and one sister name Riah  Merced. Our names are all begin with letter R. , we love each other. My First plane ride was, when I was four years old together with my Grandparents and cousin. We went to Manila. Spending our vacation for about 3 weeks, at this age I remembered very few moments, but I really enjoyed the ride.

I started my Kindergarten at the age of 5 in Immanuel Mission International School, Carmen Cagayan De Oro City and up to the present. I  really enjoy my studies. I spend most of the time to God, my studies, and to my family.

My first Priority is my studies that’s why I am consistent honor student up to the present. Last school year 2008-2009, I graduated my intermediate year as class Valedictorian or First Honor equivalent to our school and consider it as my most significant event in my life. Graduation is the evidence of ones effort and determination, sweats and tears spilled down in our preparatory, primary and intermediate years.I  enjoy and contented with my achievement despite of hardships and trials.There were situations also arose which almost led me to stop, however,It is the boundless affection of my beloved parents that gives me strength to push through making me land my feet smoothly to finish my studies. We should also not forget the immeasurable hard works and huge heart of our dear parents made us wrap with this achievements, and it is also because of their warm, tender and loving care matched with undying support drive us to become graduates . And addition for this succedding despite of poverty is not an excuse,its a matter of personal conviction,let us forward with determination. Lastly, I thank Almighty God for the life and strength He showered on me every second of the day, and to all my achievements and the realization of my dream.


Enjoy life but don’t forget to think your bright future because there’s nothing impossible especially with God.


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