What I learned about the Internet are the following:

Internet, a global computer network, is handled by small servers. These servers as we all know is a special computer having increased memory designed to prioritize aspects of different task. I also learned about different terminologies discussing or related to Internet namely: a. URL- location identifier associated with specific webpage on the net, b. HTTP- protocol on reforming the browser, c. WWW- developed by  Tim-Berners Lee and an information system of interlinked hypertext documents that are accessed via the internet, e. HTML- informs the browser what information to be displayed, f.Bandwidth- data volume transfer capability, greater bandwidth means large volume applications were used, f. Cookie- contains sensitive information written in your hard drive example: email address g. IP address- allow computer to find the one another, can be classified into two either public and private example: it is used by NBi to locate criminals using web.